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You can reach me anytime on my mobile, 301.455.5344, by email to BillVisual@gmail.com, or by leaving a note on my Contacts page.

I provide soulful pets + their people photography at your chosen location.  I come to you.  The results are sparkling, sweet, fun, natural, and sure to delight you.  I know how fortunate I am to be asked by you to photograph your beloved pet.  Our relationship with our dog goes deep.  My job -- more joy than job -- is to capture your dog being himself, for the two or three hours I'll be taking some pictures.  I know the joy of coming in the door and being greeted by a deeply happy dog, tail going a mile a minute.  Cats aren't as demonstrative as dogs, but they'll let you know, in more subtle moments, that you are pretty special in their book.  Vice-versa is true, too.  

There's no travel charge if you are within 60 miles of me (Kensington, Maryland 20895).  If the session is at the beach they'll likely be an additional charge. 


Here is an overview of the whole dog photo session process -- before, during, and after.  Short and sweet.  I know your time is valuable.

I typically allow 2-3 hours to create a group of steller images which tell the story of who is the little (or big) pooch.  I want to open a window to the center of this amazing creature.  Dogs trust me, and because of it they relax, they can feel my acceptance and love for them.  Does it make any difference at the shoot?  Sure does!  Outstanding photographs. 

I only have one kind of (Basic) photo session; the fee is $250, and it covers my taking the photos.  Before the session I'll come visit you and the pooch for a pre-shoot consultation.  What's most important to you at the shoot?  Would you like a mixture of indoor/outdoor?  Only outdoor?  Or, only the very popular, studio-look, white paper background session?  We can have a "studio-look" white paper background session at your residence, provided you've got a 10x12 foot space with a smooth hard floor.  I accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, personal check or cash.  I'll ask you make the $250 photo product deposit when you book the session date.  You can pay for the photo session ($250) when we meet for the photo session.

I love the photo sessions.  Everyone has fun.  My client helps with the important details.  Do you want to get in some of the photos?  The invitation is always there.  I generally discourage giving your dog treats, as it slows things down when I'm on a roll, and we need to pick up the bits and pieces.  But for some particularly strong-minded pups, yes, who's got treats?!  

After the shoot I'll promptly go through everything I shot and select "the best of the best" images.  I'll identify the 25-40 best of the best images. Within a few days I'll post the best images to an on-line password-protected gallery. 

I'll also order up a set of photo print "proofs."  Use this this set of proofs to choose your favorite images.  This is often most convenient at an "ordering session," scheduled within two weeks of the photo session.  Our goal for the ordering session is to select your favorite images, select the images you want to get framed, decide which images to make canvases of.  Besides making canvases, other framing options are rear-mount-to-masonite, front-mount to plexi, or framing in a traditional wood frame, mounted and matted, with plexi or glass.

With that all humming along ... we've planned the photo session and had it ... I've given you the proof prints of the best of the best images ... you've decided on your most favorite photographs and made your framing selections ... and I've placed orders with my trusted suppliers ... this is a good moment to provide you with a set of the electronic, digital, watermarked, jpeg files.  When things have settled down a bit from the excitement of the photo session, I'll give you, a full set of watermarked digital jpeg images to share with family and friends.      

It would be an honor to photograph your dog or cat.  Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.  Cell, 301.455.5344.  Email, BillVisual@gmail.com.   



ModernLiving-2917ModernLiving-2917This is a 20x30 inch canvas wrap of Pepper.


ModernLiving-2910ModernLiving-2910This is a 30x40 inch face-mount-plexi framing, with a "floater" on the back





Territory Covered

My primary territory is Washington, DC, and its Northern Virginia and Maryland suburbs.  For a shoot more than 60 miles from my zip code, 20895, Kensington, Maryland, there's a travel charge, unless I have six clients (you + 5 others) in your town/city the same weekend (Fri, Sat, Sun) in which case all travel is at my own expense.




        I am completely thrilled with your excellent photos of my furry children.  You

       really captured their essence -- really gorgeous pictures.  I am beyond grateful

       to you!! 

                      Karen (Maryland)


These are GREAT!  Thank you so much.  We so appreciate it.  Love that we were able to capture his puppy essence  :)

               Kayla (Northern Virginia)


He did a terrific job, was easy to work with and I will use his services again.  We highly recommend him to anyone wishing to have real life photos of themselves with their beloved companions.  Bill is an honest and approachable person and we liked his style.

                     Ray and Isamu (Alexandria, Va)


PhoenixMelissa-2964PhoenixMelissa-2964 Needless to say, we all gathered around my computer last night to once again go over the shots you sent .... there were lots of gasps, awws, ooh's, etc. as each shot would open, despite the fact we've stared at your shots forty million times.   

         Cinda (Mid-Atlantic)



Your photographs are spectacular.

               J. Carter Brown (1934-2002), Director, National Gallery of Art (1969-1992)

               In a private note to Bill.  Quote used with permission.


Bill loves dogs and you can see it in his work.  He took the time to get to know our dogs so they would be at ease during the shoot.  He was even able to get some great shots of our "photogenically-challenged" dog who we could never photograph well on our own.  We were very pleased with the results and working with Bill was a delight.  He was flexible, professional, very down-to-earth, and skilled.  He really worked hard to give us the photos we were after.  I recommend him highly.

                                                                     Jenn (Kensington, Maryland)


Meet the photographer     The influences from childhood are powerful and stay with us the rest of our lives.  We always had dogs as I was growing up.  Every summer we went to the Jersey shore in August for two weeks.  My whole life I've loved dogs and spending time at the ocean.  About 2000, I combined my lifelong fascination with photography with my love for dogs.  My life has been enriched by all the sweet and wonderful dogs I've met.  I'd consider it an honor to photograph your pooch.  Thank you. 

In 2011 the Washington Post produced a video about my pet photography.  See that here,



My mobile is 301.455.5344.  The Contact section contains a form to send me an email.  Or skip that and email me directly at BillVisual@gmail.com.  I look forward to speaking with you.


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