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Photographing dogs, my primary focus, is one of the most satisfying and enjoyable activities of my lifetime.  Over the course of 90-120 minutes together, I'll take photos of your dog, and you (if you are up for it).  The photographs I take will capture just who, exactly, this wondrous 4-legged creature, is.  It's an honor to be entrusted with such an important project!  Thank you! The bond between dog and owner is unique and is something we'll capture during the photo shoot.  All dogs are honest, innocent, loyal, sincere, curious. spontaneous, patient, loving, forgiving, surprising, fun, present, living in the now, grateful, and happy.  You get all this in your dog!!  How very fortunate we are!!  My heart is moved every time I see that bumper sticker, "Who rescued who?"  My task during our time together is to capture with my camera as many facets of your dog as circumstances and your dog allow me.  "Accident" on the set?  No problem.  I clean it up while laughing.  Nothing your dog does upsets me, ever.  Your dog senses my unconditional love and, from that instant on, we are buddies.  If there is a "secret sauce" to why folks love the photographs I take of their pooch, and your pooch and you, it's born out of my ability to connect with dogs, with every dog, with their dog.  Am I delighted to know them?  Yes!  Are they delighted to know me?  Yes!  Are you satisfied with the results?  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  


StellaSadieKiki-3315StellaSadieKiki-3315I'm an old dog and I'm still here! AssateaquePooch-0400AssateaquePooch-0400

I'm a professional pet photographer serving clients in Northern Virginia, the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC, and the District of Columbia.  


Fourteen Things Worth Knowing About a Bill Owen Pet Photo Session    

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1.  What is the process?  What are the steps?

First thing is a face to face consultation at your residence.  Meet you.  Meet the pooch.  Discuss what you've got in mind, one location, two locations?  Do you prefer outdoors or I set up a backdrop and studio flash inside your residence?  If I'm setting up studio look gear, I need a 10x12 foot smooth surface (wood, granite, vinyl, marble, etc).  After the shoot I'll post the best of the best 35-40 images in a private on-line gallery.


2.  What does it cost?  How long does a session take?

The session fee, either indoors with a white background for a studio-look is $225.  Or out of doors, also for $225.  Most clients want one or the other.  We'll provide one of each, if asked, on separate days.  Having an indoor studio-look session, and then an outdoor session, on another day, is $395 for the two sessions.  One session typically takes 90-120 minutes.  Two sessions may feel a bit overwhelming -- what to do with so many wonderful shots? -- I think you'll be happiest with just one type of session.  Save a different type of session for a different year.


3.  What is the finish line here?  Can you help with framing options?

It helps having a big picture.  Many clients are looking for, let's say, 2-3 high quality 8x10s, four or five 5x7s, a couple of 11x14s, maybe one 20x24


4.  How long in advance do I need to book?

1-2 months is ideal.  But things are fluid, and sometimes a spot 2 weeks away turns up.


5.  What is included with the session fee?

No prints, canvases or other photo products are included in the session fee.  Separate from the session are the 35-40 watermarked proofs I post in a private gallery a few days after the session.


6.  A related question to #5 is "Do you sell 'clean' non-watermarked, digital files"?

Yes, I do, but to be clear, the largest file size I sell are high resolution, 300 pixels per inch jpegs, sized to 11x14.  These digital files are perfect for making high quality 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, and 11x14 prints, canvas totes, coffee mugs, t-shirts, holiday cards, and blank inside notecards.  When digital files are desired, I'll format them to 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, or 11x14.  Different price for each.  If you are seeking a large (20x24, 20x30, 24x30, 24x36, 30x40) print, framed or unframed, a very large high resolution digital file is required.  I also offer photo albums, rear-box-mount photos, face-mount-plexi photos, and traditional mounted and matted framed art under glass or plexi.  I'm your source for very large (12x18 and larger) high resolution digital files -- whether just the high-resolution digital file, or the finished piece of wall art itself.


7.  Session Fee Question  --  How many dogs and people does the $225 Session Fee cover?

It covers up to 1-2 dogs from the same household and up to 1-2 adults.  Additional dogs are $45 each.  Additional people are $30 each.


8.  Copyright.  Who has the copyright rights?

I'll retain permanent copyright rights forever.


9.  "My dog won't sit still.  Is it impossible to get a good photo?"

Not impossible at all.  In fact, I love a dog who won't sit still.  It's an opportunity to get a dog in motion, motivated, focused, moving quickly.  I have to be pressing the shutter before the dog's direction is clear.  If I wait until I'm certain of the dog's direction, I've missed the shot.  In other words, I have to start pressing the shutter before the shot is there.  Great reflexes and doggie intuition required!


10.  What time of day is best for outdoor shots?

Late afternoon cloudy skies are the best light in my view.  Soft even light is the best.  Sunlight is next best.


11.  What is meant by the "ordering session"?

I like to supervise the making of prints of, and the framing of, the images I've created with my camera.  I meet my client at his/her residence two weeks after I take the pictures.  If I haven't yet posted the best 35-40 images to a private on-line gallery before then, that's the day I do that.  This is the moment when there is palpable excitement in the air.  Decisions are made at this gathering . . . which images to get prints of, or to get prints made and framed.  All prints or framing ordered on this day are also paid for on this day.  I accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.


12.  Do you have framed samples I can look at?  Rear-box mount framing; front-mount plexi framing; traditional mounted and matted prints under glass or plexi in a simple black wood frame.  Also called "gallery framing."



13.  Summarize briefly the entire process

a)  meet the client and dogs at the client's residence

b)  discuss the shoot, pick a date and time, what is the location, Bill answers any questions  (pay the session fee)

c)  two weeks after the photo session, meet at the client's residence for the ordering session, framed art is paid for when ordered


14.  How do you deal with the dog's leash?

This is an issue with outdoor shots (for indoor shoots, there's no need for a leash).  Adobe Photoshop (Patch tool) has a simple program to remove any leash from the photograph.  I'll do it in post-production.  Your dog's safety and comfort is my #1 priority.  Getting great photographs is important, but your dog's well-being outweighs everything. 


Reviews #1

I allow 1-2 hours to create a group of images that capture the unique personality of your pet.  Here are appreciative words from two clients:

     "I am completely thrilled with your excellent photos of my furry children.  You really captured their essence -- really gorgeous pictures.  I am beyond grateful to you."     Karen (Maryland)

     "These are GREAT !  Thank you so much.  We so appreciate it.  Love that we were able to capture his puppy essence  :) "     Kayla (Northern Virginia)




I accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, personal check or cash.  A 6% Maryland sales tax will be added to invoices, as appropriate.     



ModernLiving-2917ModernLiving-2917This is a 20x30 inch canvas wrap of Pepper.


ModernLiving-2910ModernLiving-2910This is a 30x40 inch face-mount-plexi framing, with a "floater" on the back





Territory Covered

My primary territory is Washington, DC, and its Northern Virginia and Maryland suburbs.  New York City is fine, as are Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard and, closer to home, Assateaque Island National Seashore just south of Ocean City, Maryland.



Reviews #2

        I am completely thrilled with your excellent photos of my furry children.  You

       really captured their essence -- really gorgeous pictures.  I am beyond grateful

       to you!! 

                      Karen (Maryland)


These are GREAT!  Thank you so much.  We so appreciate it.  Love that we were able to capture his puppy essence  :)

               Kayla (Northern Virginia)


He did a terrific job, was easy to work with and I will use his services again.  We highly recommend him to anyone wishing to have real life photos of themselves with their beloved companions.  Bill is an honest and approachable person and we liked his style.

                     Ray and Isamu (Alexandria, Va)


PhoenixMelissa-2964PhoenixMelissa-2964 Needless to say, we all gathered around my computer last night to once again go over the shots you sent .... there were lots of gasps, awws, ooh's, etc. as each shot would open, despite the fact we've stared at your shots forty million times.   

         Cinda (Mid-Atlantic)



Your photographs are spectacular.

               J. Carter Brown (1934-2002), Director, National Gallery of Art (1969-1992)

               In a private note to Bill.  Quote used with permission.


Bill loves dogs and you can see it in his work.  He took the time to get to know our dogs so they would be at ease during the shoot.  He was even able to get some great shots of our "photogenically-challenged" dog who we could never photograph well on our own.  We were very pleased with the results and working with Bill was a delight.  He was flexible, professional, very down-to-earth, and skilled.  He really worked hard to give us the photos we were after.  I recommend him highly.

                                                                     Jenn (Kensington, Maryland)


Meet the photographer     The influences from childhood are powerful and stay with us the rest of our lives.  We always had dogs as I was growing up.  Every summer we went to the Jersey shore in August for two weeks.  My whole life I've loved dogs and spending time at the ocean.  About 2000, I combined my lifelong fascination with photography with my love for dogs.  My life has been enriched by all the sweet and wonderful dogs I've met.  I'd consider it an honor to photograph your pooch.  Thank you. 

In 2011 the Washington Post produced a video about my pet photography.  See that here,



My mobile is 301.455.5344.  The Contact section contains a form to send me an email.  Or skip that and email me directly at  I look forward to speaking with you.


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