Bill Owen | cats




NinaMcLemore-1444NinaMcLemore-1444Cats! So utterly different than dogs. And so wonderful in that difference.

NinaMcLemore-1445NinaMcLemore-1445I had just parked my car and was getting out, when this housecat ran up to me and stopped a foot or two away.

NinaMcLemore-1456NinaMcLemore-1456Hey Kitty, Kitty. Cats don't do well with direct commands. Not the way they operate.

WARLdogs&cats7-20-4293WARLdogs&cats7-20-4293This is a cat who finds itself up for adoption in the D.C. animal shelter.

WARLdogs&cats7-20-4307WARLdogs&cats7-20-4307Looking for that forever home. Looking over the potential adoptors walking by.

WARLdogs&cats7-20-4330WARLdogs&cats7-20-4330Taken at the Washington Animal Rescue League.

Dexter&Peanut-1685Dexter&Peanut-1685A jet black cat, looking me over.


BearMayer-9335BearMayer-9335Black and white. So curious.