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SpringDogFive-7408SpringDogFive-7408It's never too early to be thinking about Spring.


DSC_0101DSC_0101On Goldmine Trail in the woods at Great Falls National Park, in Maryland along the Potomac.


Colby Spring Dog-7379Colby Spring Dog-7379Laying in a soft bad of young, fresh clover.


Brutus-2516Brutus-2516Brutus, not minding the rain.


Lexi-2433Lexi-2433Brutus's sidekick, Lexi. A friend moved from Bethesda to Washington State. I miss her dogs! (And her.)


SlowMoe-2336SlowMoe-2336There is only one "Slo Mo."


DogParadeGP-2ndEdit-2200DogParadeGP-2ndEdit-2200Thank Heaven for the existence of . . . pugs! I love 'em.


DogParadeGP2014-1934DogParadeGP2014-1934This was at the beginning of a parade in Garrett Park, in April. A standard poodle.


DogParadeGP2014-2066DogParadeGP2014-2066Oh, bring me a black lab and I will be happy.


winston2-0888winston2-0888A boxer and his ball. Timeless.


CelebrateSpring-0509CelebrateSpring-0509Okay, I'm a little excited. Do you have a treat for me?

LoveToRun-14LoveToRun-14This is what we dogs love to do -- chase and be chased.

SadieTEST-0175SadieTEST-0175In the ice cream parlor in Old Town Alexandria. Waiting for a scoop to be dropped !




A new website-2895A new website-2895

WARLdogs&cats7-20-4038WARLdogs&cats7-20-4038Waiting for my forever home people to arrive.