Bill Owen | Dogs Studio



Gus-3172Gus-3172Curiosity and intense attention on display here. At this instant this is the most important smell in the world to Gus.

Aero-9170Aero-9170All dogs live a big portion of their time in expectation -- expectation of getting a treat, expectation of going out, expectation of playing with a ball.

Mario-7547Mario-7547Meet Mario. Mario is an accomplished circus artist whether jumping through a hoop, doing backward flips, rolling over and over three times. Mario is ready for the spotlight.

Cassidy-4953-2Cassidy-4953-2One of my early pet portraits. Taken in an elementary school classroom during a springtime event celebrating dogs. Cassidy's owner loved this shot of a shy and sweet pooch.

BellaLeaning-3BellaLeaning-3How does he keep from falling? A highly developed sense of balance, that's how.

Guinness-8427Guinness-8427I may be small, I may be light, but I have a big personality! As you can see.

KimsDog#1-2KimsDog#1-2I'm in charge here, can't you tell? My photo conveys a sense of authority and leadership. Everything is under control. Thank you very much.

Lacey-72Lacey-72I'm loyal, I love my owner. I'm getting my picture taken this moment. Look at me looking right at you.

BoxerIsHere-7957BoxerIsHere-7957I'm Gus. When I'm intrigued with something I often tip my head to one side, like this. I don't mind saying I'm cute. Cute is good!

ChewyClear-1096ChewyClear-1096I like to move around. Bill had to be quick to take this picture.

CocoSeikalt-0364CocoSeikalt-0364I'm a two year old puppy. Dog lovers love to give me a good rub on the back of my head, on my back in front of my tail, and on my chest. Plenty to choose from. Don't be shy, give me a good rub!

CooperWeb-7731CooperWeb-7731I have a lot of energy, it shows in the photograph. Catch me if you can.

GusAllen-7112GusAllen-7112My owner is so smart. He named me Gus because he said I look like a Gus. I think he's right about that.

Lacey-38Lacey-38I'm so happy. Happy to be a dog. I'm loved, well fed, taken good care of. I love my owner. She's right over there, watching Bill take my picture.


GoldenArlington-9177GoldenArlington-9177I'm a golden retriever. I'm the perfect dog if you have young children. I have infinite patience. Push me or pull me, I don't mind.


MaggieSophStudio-7132MaggieSophStudio-7132With my long hair over my face and eyes it looks like I can't see anything. But I can!!

MeraJessel-4712MeraJessel-4712Pretty neat angle, this photo of me. Bill was standing above me, holding the camera out in front of him, pointing it down. This shot captures my long legs.

OllieDuncanRosso-1048OllieDuncanRosso-1048I think I look shy. It's true, I'm shy. But I'm relaxed around my family. I've got a lot of curly fur. I'm told I have a really sweet face. That's nice.



Ozzy-8584Ozzy-8584So you want to know what spirited and rambunctious looks like. They look like me!!

Barkley-8836-2Barkley-8836-2I'm Barkley, a black lab puppy. We came into the pet store so my owner could buy a bag of my dog food. But we saw lights and flashes coming from here, and my owner told Bill he wanted to get some photographs of me.

I'm Reese. I get kidded a lot about people say I look scruffy. Scruffy is just a word. I think I look strong and rich with my life's many experiences. My owner adores me. I love him back.

Ed-2648Ed-2648Meet Ed, I'm Ed. Fun looking straight up at the camera.