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Q.     Do you offer gift cards?

A.     Not at present.   


Q.     How long in advance do I need to book?

A.     The schedule gets a bit tight around the holidays but I'm certain I can find a date and time that works for you.  Use the form on the Contact page to send me an email, or just send your note to  Or call me on my mobile, 301.455.5344. 


Q.     What days and what time of the day do you schedule photo sessions?

A.     I schedule photo sessions mainly on weekends.  But weekday or evening

(in the case of studio look sessions) sessions are possible too.


Q.     Should I do anything special to get ready for the session?

A.     As a practical matter, take your dog for a good walk before the photo shoot.  A good run is even better.  "A tired dog is a good dog" is the axiom.  Clients often have the dog groomed before the session.  Totally up to you.  Personally I love the look of your dog, however he/she looks this moment ... combed, uncombed, just had a bath, didn't have a bath.  He's going to look fantastic in the photographs, no matter what.


Q.     Should I bring treats?

A.     Sure, if you like, but I tend to discourage it.  My experience is I don't need treats to get the shots.  Treats can slow us down, cleaning up the crumbles.  That said, bring some of his favorite treats along if you wish.  It's true, dogs are food motivated.  It's all a matter of degree.


Q.     Can the dog owner assist me during the session?

A.     I'm counting on your off-camera support, encouragement, and direction to your pooch.  You are welcome to get in some of the shots, too.  Two-thirds of everyone doesn't want to be in the shots.  One-third of my clients absolutely want to be in some shots.  And you can change your mind during the shoot 


Eva-7385Eva-7385This little cutties pie, Eva, was a nervous pup at the start, but settled down. I photographed Eva in the middle of a busy, brightly lit, pet store. The paper underfoot can feel slippery. Dogs adapt. Q.     How many photos do you take?

A.     Typically 250-400.  It's not quantity that counts -- it's quality.   


Q.     Do you shoot film or digital?

A.     I love digital.  See instantly how things are looking.  I was a latecomer to digital though. 


Q.     Do you shoot black & white or color?

A.     Both simultaneously.  The sensor in the camera acquires a vast amount of information for each shot.  I can render any image in color or b&w.  You don't have to decide in advance or during the shoot.  That's a post-session decision.  I love color, do a lot of it, but I love b&w too.



Q.     Do you have a dog?

A.     Not at the present time.  I've had dogs my whole life -- Blackie, Scampi, Boxcar.  Boxcar, my last dog, was a shepherd, spitz, and collie mix.  Boxcar (because of his sturdy, rectangular shape) and I were inseparable for 16 years.  Boxcar left his dog body awhile ago.  I'm around dogs constantly with the photography.  Not by accident.  That guy you see risking life and limb to dash across the street in traffic to meet a new dog . . . that's me!


Q.     What form of payment do you accept?

A.     Visa, Mastercard, American Express, personal check, or cash.  Please note that all prices and terms are subject to change without notice.


Q.     I'm told you have a special interest in older dogs.

A.     Yup.  Older dogs have seen everything in their long life.  They have a dignity and ease I just love.  Maybe they move a little bit slower than younger dogs, or there's a slight bit of a limp there, or some extra white or gray whiskers.  Not only is an older dog special, but their owner is invariably special too.  Patience, dedication, profound love, nothing is too much trouble for the owner of an older dog in his/her twilight years.


ZoraMurdoch-9058ZoraMurdoch-9058Dear sweet Zora, here.




ZoraMurdoch-9267ZoraMurdoch-9267A private conversation.