Bill Owen | Pets and Their People


suebellfam-6306suebellfam-6306"The Kiss" This shot made the cover of a heavily distributed regional pet magazine.

OliveWithParents-8427OliveWithParents-8427One of my all time most popular images.





AidanRoman-5318AidanRoman-5318A wonderful photograph of the strong bond between dog and owner.

SabaSteveCasey-0327SabaSteveCasey-0327Saba, otherwise known as "Saba the Great." A sweet yellow lab.

PhoenixMelissa-2964PhoenixMelissa-2964It's an old saying that dogs in time come to share some resemblances with their owner, and vice versa.


SuzyRyan-8858SuzyRyan-8858Suzy tested my skills at photographing a dog almost constantly in motion. Thank heaven for fast shutter speed and fast flash.